PCMag.com Recognizes FairlawnGig’s Amazing Speeds

In its first year qualifying for PC Magazine’sFastest ISPs” list, FairlawnGig came in top 10 for the nation and top 5 in the region of “North Central US” which includes 13 states.  In fact, PCMag.com said that FairlawnGig “stormed onto the list.”

The annual list compiles speed tests from across the globe, is able to discern which ISP the test is coming from, and compiles upload and download speeds and convert it to a “PCMag Speed Index.”

This recognition comes on the heels the same news outlet earlier this year when it named the “Best Gaming ISPs of 2019.” The outlet said that “…the local provider FairlawnGig of Fairlawn, Ohio, is the ISP you’d want to have if you’re a pro-gamer…”

PC Magazine measured speed – but to get a better picture of whether the ISP was good for gamers, it also measured latency (time it takes for packets to travel) and “jitter” which measures latency consistency. In both cases you want your numbers to come out where FairlawnGig’s did – low. FairlawnGig customers can, quite literally, score higher and win thanks to their amazing service.

We’re thrilled that the rest of the world is catching on to FairlawnGig’s amazing Internet service… have you?






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