The FairlawnGig network brings Fairlawn and surrounding areas with unprecedented level Internet service, significantly faster than the most robust offerings available from traditional providers. Prior to FairlawnGig’s multi-gigabit speed availability, the fastest residential service available in Fairlawn was 50 mbps down and 5 mbps up.

More than merely lightning-fast Internet, FairlawnGig improves your entire home networking and Internet experience. Residential service plans include the FairlawnGig ONT, an integrated home router and indoor Wi-Fi access point that will upgrade your home network, too.

FairlawnGig’s premium Gigabit plan is twenty times faster for downloads and 200 times faster for uploads. Beyond or staggering speeds comes world-class, local service on a reliable, 100% fiber network. FairlawnGig transforms how Fairlawn residents experience and can utilize the Internet.

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